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How Do Acidic Foods Impact Our Oral Hygiene?
August 13, 2021  |  Dental Health

How Do Acidic Foods Impact Our Oral Hygiene?

Most of us love to enjoy fruits for their juiciness and sweetness. But are you aware of the fact that fruits are a great source of Vitamin C as well?  And did you know that even fruits and fruit drinks may be immensely acidic? And when you start taking highly acidic foods and drinks as your daily routine, it can ruin your teeth, if you do not take the needed care. 

When you have acidic fruits and other food items which are highly acidic in nature, it causes Dental erosion and tooth sensitivity, then slowly to enamel erosion, and finally results in Tooth erosion. 

Let’s find out about Dental Erosion

Even though tooth enamel is really very hard but the high acid concentration present in foods and juices still spoils, weakens, or demineralizes the enamel slowly. The calcium level present in saliva helps to strengthen your teeth’ enamel. But if your mouth is intensely acidic, demineralization may not occur. And just due to this very reason, a condition occurs termed Tooth Erosion and decay. 

Check out the common signs of erosion:

  • Sensitivity - Hot and cold food products, strongly-flavored sweets or chocolates, and cold air too can generate high sensitivity, anytime they get in contact with your teeth. 

  •  Discoloration - When your teeth ‘enamel becomes thinner, your teeth may change to a slightly yellow color. This happens because it reveals the dentin that is present underneath.

  • Rounded teeth - These are in fact, little curves that can be noticed along the chewing surface and may most likely have softer or sanded edges.

  • Transparency - The edges of the incisors may actually minimize in opacity (as if you can nearly see through them).

  • Cracks - Very tiny faults or sharpness around the edges of your teeth are pretty common.

What are some of the most Acidic Foods?

When you have an extreme quantity of acidic food, it can ruin the tooth’ enamel and deteriorate your gum line as well. This further reveals the internal layer. Hence, it's vital to have foods in proper proportion.

Check out the list of a few highly acidic foods and drinks that should not be consumed daily:

  • Citrus fruits for example oranges, limes, and lemons

  • Pineapples, grapes, pomegranates, apples

  • Sodas and fruit juices 

  • Tomatoes and also tomato juice

  • Jams, vinegar, and jellies 

In the list given below, there are a few foods and drinks that would not cause erosion:

  • Bread, cheese, green tea

  • Soya beans and Beans

  • Fish, including shrimp, salmon

  • Peas, peppers, corn, and spinach

  • Rice, potatoes

  • Crabmeat

  • Ripe mangoes, watermelons, and bananas

Treatment options for Erosion

If you find that enamel erosion is taking place, there is nothing to worry about! Didsbury Dentists can treat you easily. It may be a Tooth Bonding. But if it’s in a serious condition, your nearby dentist may recommend a Veneer or Crown to your damaged teeth to stop further decay.


  • Follow a good oral regimen 

  • Try to always maintain a balanced diet 

  • See your dentist regularly for check-ups and dental exams

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