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Brighten Your Smile: The Benefits and Process of Teeth Whitening with a Dentist at Didsbury Smiles Dental
August 01, 2023  |  Dental Health, Periodontal Disease

Brighten Your Smile: The Benefits and Process of Teeth Whitening with a Dentist at Didsbury Smiles Dental

In addition to being aesthetically beautiful, a white, bright grin boosts your sense of self-worth and confidence. As we age, consume certain foods and beverages, smoke, use tobacco products, and practice poor dental care, our teeth can get stained and discoloured over time. A common cosmetic dental procedure called teeth whitening can help your teeth regain their original brilliance. This procedure is most popular in cosmetic dentistry. In this blog post, we'll discuss the advantages of having a dentist whiten your teeth and summarise the procedure at Didsbury Smiles Dental.

Explanation of the Importance of a Bright, White Smile

A smile that is white and dazzling has several advantages. It can dramatically improve your appearance, giving you a more appealing and young appearance. Increasing your confidence and allowing you to feel more at ease in social and professional settings are the advantages of a white grin. A radiant smile can enhance your personal and professional relationships by making a strong first impression.

Types of Teeth Stains

Extrinsic stains and intrinsic stains are the two main categories of teeth stains. Extrinsic stains are brought on by outside elements such as ingesting particular foods and drinks, tobacco use, poor dental hygiene, and exposure to environmental toxins. They harm the enamel, the outer covering of the tooth. On the other hand, intrinsic stains in the tooth's dentin are frequently more difficult to eradicate. Aging, dental trauma, specific drugs, and genetic factors might bring them on.

Extrinsic stains are primarily brought on by things that come into touch with the teeth from the outside. Colour pigments found in foods and beverages, including coffee, tea, red wine, and berries, have the potential to stain enamel. Because tobacco products contain tar and nicotine, using tobacco, whether by smoking or chewing, can cause persistent tooth discolouration. Plaque and tartar development, which can result in yellow or brown stains on the enamel, can be brought on by poor oral hygiene practices, such as ineffective brushing and flossing. Excessive fluoride ingestion and exposure to some environmental contaminants can also cause extrinsic stains.

Contrarily, intrinsic stains come from within the tooth's actual structure. The enamel naturally thins with age, exposing more of the pale yellowish dentin underneath. The teeth might appear dull or discoloured as a result. Intrinsic stains can also result from trauma or injury to the teeth because the dentin's damaged tooth pulp accumulates dark pigments. Genetic factors can also cause naturally darker or more yellowish teeth, which might resist traditional teeth-whitening techniques.

It's important to remember that some people can have intrinsic and extrinsic stains, which complicate tooth discoloration. For evaluating the precise causes of tooth stains and the most effective whitening method or alternative cosmetic dental operations, seeing a dentist is essential. People can make informed judgments about their teeth whitening journey to get the desired results by studying the types of stains and their underlying causes.

Teeth Whitening Methods

In-home and in-office are the two primary teeth whitening method in cosmetic dentistry. People can easily whiten their teeth at home in the convenience of their own homes thanks to at-home whitening. It offers convenience, affordability, and gradual outcomes. It does necessitate self-application, a lengthier course of treatment, and there is a chance of the absence of professional supervision.

In-office whitening is done in a clinical setting by dental specialists. It frequently uses modern procedures and bleaching substances with a higher concentration for quicker and more dramatic results. Applying a high-concentration bleaching gel directly to the teeth and activating it with a specific light or laser constitutes the conventional in-office procedure. 

With the aid of laser radiation, a more recent method called "laser-assisted whitening" speeds up the removal of stains. Instantaneous outcomes, specialist knowledge, and more potent whitening chemicals are all features of in-office whitening. It is frequently more expensive, necessitates scheduling dentist appointments, and could result in temporary tooth irritation.

The decision between at-home and in-office whitening ultimately comes down to personal preferences, financial constraints, and the degree of teeth stains. To choose the best strategy and handle specific concerns, speaking with a dentist is necessary. 

Benefits of Teeth Whitening with a Dentist

While several over-the-counter teeth whitening treatments are available, visiting a dentist for teeth whitening has several benefits.

  • Dentists are qualified to evaluate your unique needs and create a personalized teeth whitening treatment plan since they have the knowledge, abilities, and expertise.

  • A dentist will assess your dental health and the seriousness of your tooth stains to create a treatment plan that is unique to you and based on your preferences and goals.

  • Dentists have access to whitening choices that are more powerful than those available over-the-counter. It enables benefits that are more observable and durable.

  • Dentists take preventative measures to lessen the possibility of tooth discomfort or other issues during the whitening procedure. They can change the whitening solution's strength and offer safeguards for your gums and other delicate places.

Overview of the Teeth Whitening Process

The initial stage is an examination and consultation with a Didsbury Smiles Dental teeth whitening dentist. Your dentist will evaluate your dental health, discuss your goals and expectations, and decide whether teeth whitening is the best course of action for you during this session.

If your dentist determines you are a good candidate for teeth whitening, they could suggest you get a fully professional treatment to remove all the tartar and plaque from the teeth.. Enabling the whitening solution to permeate the teeth evenly guarantees the best results.

A high-concentration whitening gel is often applied directly to your teeth during in-office teeth whitening. The gel is activated with the help of a specific light or laser, which removes the stains and marks from the teeth. The procedure is often carried out across several sessions, each lasting between 15 and 30 minutes.

Aftercare and Maintenance

To maintain the result of teeth whitening, it is advised to maintain proper oral hygiene. Clean your teeth regularly with toothpaste with fluoride twice a day. Avoid food that can discolor your teeth. Foods like berries, sauces and beverages like coffee, tea and vine should not be consumed in access. Clean your teeth afterward to prevent discoloration or rinse your mouth with water if you ingest them. 

Smoking damages oral health and discolours teeth. Not only will quitting smoking make your teeth whiter, but it will also be good for your overall health. Make appointments for routine cleanings and examinations at the dentist.

Your dentist could advise scheduling follow-up sessions to evaluate the teeth-whitening procedure's success and ensure you are happy with the results. Your dentist can address any issues, respond to any inquiries, and offer more advice on maintaining your radiant smile at these appointments.

Your dentist might review potential long-term treatment choices in addition to routine follow-up care to keep your teeth looking white. It can entail routine touch-up procedures or the use of whitening kits at home to keep the desired brightness level.


There are various benefits of consulting a teeth whitening dentist. Our dentists at Didsbury Smiles Dental can evaluate your dental health, examine the degree of tooth stains and suggest the best whitening methods. Compared to over-the-counter remedies, we can access powerful whitening solutions that produce more observable and enduring results.

We at Didsbury Smiles Dental recognize the value of a pearly-white smile. You can get the smile you've always wanted thanks to the many advantages of using our teeth whitening services. By consulting with our skilled dentists, you can use individualized treatment plans created for your particular needs and objectives.

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