Buying a toothbrush seems simple enough but with so many choices it can become a confusing and difficult endeavor. Here are some tips to help you decide which toothbrush is right for you.

  1. What type of bristles are best? – Soft bristles are always the best choice. Medium or hard bristle brushes can cause damage to your teeth and gums. It might seem like a stiffer bristle brush would clean more effectively but a soft bristle brush with proper brushing technique will clean just as well without the potential to cause damage.
  2. Manual toothbrushes. Soft bristled manual toothbrushes can work very well when proper brushing technique is used. To ensure correct technique, consult your dental hygienist on your next visit.
  3. Battery-operated or Rechargeable Electric Toothbrushes. Low-cost battery-operated brushes have less power that their rechargeable counterparts and do not clean as effectively. There are many options on the rechargeable models that make them a good choice. One example is the built in timers that keep you brushing for a full 2 minutes. Both the sonic or rotational electric brushes have superior plaque removal and are recommended.
  4. Size of the brush. Everyone’s mouth is a bit different size. A size 30 or 35 manual brush head will work for most people. Using a brush that is too large may cause problems when trying to fit into the area around the far back teeth. A brush that is too small may not have enough surface area to cover all your teeth in 2 minutes. Choosing the right size will help make your toothbrush more effective.
  5. The handle. The handle of your toothbrush should be comfortable to hold. This is especially important if you have arthritic hands. In this case a larger handle may help. Because the handle is most of the weight of the toothbrush it is also important that it is not so heavy you get tired of holding it before you are done brushing.

Whatever brush you choose it is important to brush long enough to ensure your teeth are clean. A full 2 minutes is recommended.

Happy Brushing!