Introducing The DENTAL IMPLANT At Didsbury Smiles

Dental Implants In Didsbury, Alberta

Traditional dentures that slip and slide are a thing of the past, thanks to dental implants from Didsbury Smiles Dental. Whether you’re missing all of your natural teeth, or just one, they can be easily replaced with a restoration that functions and feels like the real thing!

A dental implant is simply a titanium post that’s surgically placed in your jawbone, beneath the surface of your gums. This creates an anchor for your new tooth (or teeth) that’s stronger and more durable than your natural tooth root.

Our Dentist offers implanted-supported:

Single Crowns - Before implants became readily available, dentists often recommended a dental bridge to restore a single missing tooth. That treatment required neighboring teeth to be altered to support the new tooth appliance. Today, your porcelain crown can be secured to a single dental implant that blends into your existing smile. Not only does it look great, it protects the integrity of adjacent teeth.

Multi-Tooth Dental Bridges - Tired of your partial denture? With as few as two or three implants, your multi-tooth appliance can be permanently anchored! Imagine no more muss or fuss with a removable bridge, just a snug and secure fit to improve your quality of life.

Dentures - If you’re missing all of your natural teeth, or need to have them removed, restoring them is easier and more comfortable than ever. While dentures have been around for a long time, you don’t have to put up with the frustration and inconvenience that your grandparents did.

Implant retained dentures prove stability, without adhesives, so you can enjoy your favorite foods and laugh with confidence, without having to worry about your dentures slipping free.

Enjoy a worry-free smile with dental implants from Didsbury Smiles Dental. Call our Didsbury, Alberta office today, and schedule your consultation.


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