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What Should You Avoid After Teeth Whitening Treatment?
December 29, 2021  |  Teeth Whitening

What Should You Avoid After Teeth Whitening Treatment?

Things you should Consider for Teeth Whitening Treatment

Having a dazzling white set of teeth is one of the major factors that make your smile look good.

Every day, new goods and gadgets promise to brighten and whiten teeth. While there are numerous advantages to having whiter teeth, having them professionally whitened is well worth the extra cost because it will stay far longer than do-it-yourself alternatives. In the days and weeks following your treatment, it's critical to avoid certain foods, beverages, and cosmetics that can stain your investment.

Keeping this in mind, the best Didsbury dentist has come up with a few tips to follow after undergoing teeth whitening at a dental office. Go through them and get a clear understanding of this topic. 

It is advisable to avoid colored beverages

You should limit or cut off the intake of colored beverages for a better outcome after the professional teeth whitening treatment. Some of them have been listed in the pointers below:

  • Tea

  • Coffee

  • Red wine

  • Soda

  • Cola

  • Soda juices

As for their brilliant or artificial hue, these drinks tend to discolor teeth. Consider sipping through a straw if you can't live without your morning coffee or a glass of wine at happy hour. Straws keep liquids away from your teeth, allowing you to keep your smile brighter for longer.

Avoid food items that can form teeth stains

There are a variety of meals to avoid after whitening your teeth, similar to avoiding certain beverages. Acidic, fatty, and/or colorful foods can harm your enamel and cause staining.

Following are some frequent meals to avoid after teeth whitening, as well as some examples of each.

  • Red meat

  • Dark-colored sauces such as balsamic vinegar, red sauce, soy sauce, etc.

  • Spices of different colors (paprika, curry, turmeric)

  • Colorful vegetables

  • Acidic and citrus fruits

  • Different types of colorful berries

  • Dark and milk chocolates

  • Candies that are artificially colored

If it will stain a shirt, it will likewise stain your teeth, according to a solid rule of thumb. You can keep your teeth white for a longer time if you avoid these foods.

Make sure to avoid tobacco products

Tobacco use is one of the fastest ways to stain or re-stain your teeth, in addition to being damaging to your oral health in general. When compared to those who do not use tobacco products, people who smoke or chew tobacco will likely find that they need to touch up their teeth regularly to keep their smile white. Quitting smoking and/or chewing tobacco is recommended not only for health reasons but also to maintain your teeth dazzling white.

Do not use colored dental hygiene products

You should avoid using colored dental products like toothpaste and mouthwash on the days after your teeth whitening treatment. Colors like blue, red, orange, and purple can stain your teeth more quickly than white or light-colored items.

After whitening, you may notice that your teeth are more sensitive; to reduce this frequent symptom, use toothpaste and mouthwash designed specifically for sensitive teeth. Consult your dentist in Didsbury AB about the best solutions for you.

We hope that you now know what to not do after teeth whitening. Contact Didsbury Smiles Dental if you are looking for the best teeth whitening treatment in Didsbury, AB. We are always here to provide you with custom-made treatment plans that will meet all your desires.

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