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All You Need To Know About Tooth Infection
December 24, 2021  |  Dental Health

All You Need To Know About Tooth Infection

A tooth infection can lead to several complications in the long run. Hence you must get it treated as soon as you notice the signs persisting. Our dentists at Didsbury Smiles Dental have shared all the details about tooth infections in this article.

What Is Tooth Infection?

The buildup of fluid within the gums or teeth is characterized as a tooth infection, also called a dental abscess or dental infection. A bacterial infection triggered by plaque or tartar formation on the teeth is the most common cause of tooth infection. Plaques and tartar, which typically collect in the soft pulp of the tooth, are breeding grounds for bacteria.

What Are The Signs Of Tooth Infection?

  • Painful toothache that extends up to your ear

  • Dentin sensitivity

  • Sensitivity to extreme biting and chewing force

  • High fever

  • Swollen cheeks or face

  • Swollen lymph nodes

  • Salty taste when the abscess ruptures

  • Inflamed and red face

  • Swollen gums

  • Loose teeth and severe discoloration

  • Bad taste in your mouth

  • Halitosis

Treatment For Tooth Infection

Tooth infection treatment helps to get rid of the bacterial infection while also providing relief from your pain. Your Didsbury dentist will start tooth infection treatment with a dental X-ray, based on the intensity of the discomfort. This will allow your dentist in Didsbury to assess if the bacterial infection has progressed to other parts of your mouth as well.

Depending on the severity and kind of dental abscess, tooth infection treatment may include the following:

  • Draining the abscess - Your Didsbury dentist would cut into the dental abscess to remove the pus. Following this, a saline solution will be used to clean the area thoroughly

  • Root canal treatment - If you have an infected tooth, you might need a root canal treatment. This involves draining the abscess and getting rid of any diseased pulp. The pulp chamber would then be filled and sealed by your dentist in Didsbury. You might also be recommended a dental crown to strengthen the affected teeth.

  • Tooth Extraction- Your dental care professional may have to remove the infected tooth and then drain the abscess if the tooth is severely damaged.

  • Opt For Medicines- If your immune system is compromised or if the bacterial infection has moved beyond the affected tooth, your dentist may recommend an oral antibiotic to help you recover. Hence, you need to consult your dentist as soon as you notice the warning signs without any delay

  • Removing any foreign substance- A tooth abscess can be caused by a foreign object lodged in your gums. Your dental care provider would have to extract the foreign substance and then clean the injured area with a saline solution in this case.

We hope this blog has helped you to understand everything you need to know about tooth infections. Looking for the best dental care procedures in Didsbury, AB?

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