Taking The Pain Out Of Wisdom Teeth

Caring for you smile begins with regular checkups at Didsbury Smile Dental. At our Didsbury, Alberta office, we monitor your ongoing oral development so we can spot future problems and intervene to prevent them from happening.

One of the most common preventative treatments that we provide is 3rd year molar extraction. Most likely you know of them as wisdom teeth, yet left alone, they can cause numerous issues for your smile, down the road, including…

● Impaction
● Abscess
● Damage to neighboring teeth
● Loss of orthodontic investment due to crowding
● Partial eruption
● Cavities, due to impaired brushing and flossing
● Increased risk of gum disease
● Pain
● Swelling

Who Needs Wisdom Tooth Extraction?

If you have any questions about the development of your 3rd year molars, be sure to ask our Dentist! Wisdom Tooth removal is most commonly done during the teen or early adult years. If you’re experiencing feelings of pressure, pain, swelling or infection, be sure to call us right away. These urgent symptoms, along with crowded teeth, may point to a problem with your 3rd year molars that needs to be addressed.

What To Expect

At our Didsbury, Alberta office, we offer comfort sedation for optimal comfort during your extraction. Before you go home, our experienced team will give you instructions to follow as you recover from your surgery. Along with stocking up on your favorite soft foods, be sure to make arrangements for an alternative driver to see you home after your procedure.

Come See Us!

If it’s been awhile since you saw the dentist, don’t wait until your wisdom teeth undo what your braces have corrected! Call today and schedule your dental checkup with Didsbury Smiles Dental!


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