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5 Probable Reasons For Wisdom Tooth Removal
December 15, 2021  |  Wisdom Teeth

5 Probable Reasons For Wisdom Tooth Removal

Wisdom teeth, though indicate you getting wiser with their eruption isn't always the case. When these late-stage molars erupt from the gums and crowd your existing teeth, they can be quite painful and also be the reason for immense discomfort. To add, wisdom teeth are also known to cause sinus problems, issues related to jaw alignment, cavities, and cysts.

Even so, some people are fortunate enough to avoid the frequent wisdom tooth symptoms and discomforts. For these fortunate individuals, the question is whether wisdom tooth removal is worthwhile. Is it necessary to remove all wisdom teeth merely because oral surgery has become extremely common?

The simple answer to this question is “no”. Numerous situations demand wisdom teeth removal. We are going to discuss the wisdom teeth extraction process in detail and try to provide you with an answer to all related questions. 

When To Not Go For Wisdom Tooth Extraction?

For young folks, oral surgery has nearly become a rite of passage. However, contrary to the conventional opinion and what many of your family and friends have told you, the removal of wisdom teeth is not always the wisest choice.

This third set of molars usually appears between the ages of adolescence and young adulthood. All of our baby teeth will have fallen out by then, and the adult set will have taken their place. For most people, this also implies there isn't enough room for any more teeth to grow, which is why wisdom teeth eruption can be an issue.

We have provided the situations where tooth removal is not a must in the pointers below:

  • The wisdom teeth are in good shape

  • They've fully erupted or grown in entirely

  • They are positioned correctly and in line with opposing teeth without compromising your bite. 

  • They're easily accessible with a toothbrush and floss.

Find Out When Wisdom Teeth Can Become A Problem 

Wisdom teeth must usually be extracted since they wreak havoc on the rest of the teeth. Because of the present teeth, they typically don't have enough room to grow. Though, they must erupt, so they can grow from a variety of angles in the jaw, including horizontally.

Other issues associated with wisdom teeth development include:

  • You need to know those wisdom teeth can sometimes stay hidden inside the gums. This can ultimately lead to the teeth being trapped or impacted within the jaw. Ignoring this problem may be the reason for serious infection and create an abscess that damages the teeth root. 

  • If wisdom teeth partially emerge from the gums, it's difficult to see and clean, making it a breeding ground for bacteria that causes gum disease and infection.

  • Although the tooth fully erupts, it grows at an angle, causing crowding and damage to the surrounding teeth, which are otherwise healthy.

To avoid future damage, some dentists advocate wisdom teeth extraction even if they haven't fully emerged. Some dentists in Didsbury even urge extraction at a young age, before the teeth and bones have fully developed. Younger patients recover faster, and there are fewer risks of impacted wisdom tooth growth and infections later in life.

Reasons For Wisdom Teeth Extraction

  • As your permanent teeth are already in place, the emergence of an extra set of molars may cause them to shift. This ultimately can contribute to biting issues, pain, and overcrowding, making flossing and brushing difficult, and finally leading to decay in teeth and cavities. If you wait too long to have treatment, you may need to have additional surgeries to straighten affected neighbouring teeth.

  • Stiffness or pain appears first, followed by damage to the jawbones, which affects the mouth's function and motility. Just like all other teeth, wisdom teeth emerge from the jaws and through the gums. Anyways, this is not always the situation. Specifically, when there isn't enough room around the other teeth. Some wisdom teeth become impacted in the jaw, causing other teeth to shift and even the jawline to shift. This can make it difficult to open your mouth and create pain. If left untreated for a long span, cysts can grow along the newly erupted molars, hollowing out the jaw bones and damaging the nerves of nearby, healthy teeth.

  • We all know how closely the mouth and nose are linked, but did you know that impacted wisdom teeth can influence the sinuses? When the growth of these molars causes sinus pain, pressure, and congestion, wisdom teeth removal is indicated. Oral health is linked to general health, which is why any symptom or condition should be taken seriously.

  • Most people are not aware that their wisdom teeth are impacted until they begin to go through pain and discomfort. But, just like any other dental problem, it starts modest and almost invisible. Any toothache, discomfort, or minor throbbing sensations should not be ignored. Pay attention to where it happens if it happens when you're eating or brushing your teeth, it's likely that your wisdom teeth have erupted. It won't be long until they start growing at an angle to the rest of the teeth, causing problems with the jaws or crowding neighbouring teeth.

  • You need to realize that your oral health isn't only about teeth; gums play an important part as well, and impacted wisdom teeth can be painful. Wisdom teeth that sprout at an angle or horizontally from the other teeth might cause the gums to swell and make them difficult to clean. These reddish regions along the gum line are sometimes tender to the touch, making it difficult to brush and floss properly, leading to cavities and tooth decay.

We hope that you have gained a clear understanding of wisdom teeth removal and the need for it. 

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